Her Story

Behind the Camera

There was a girl who refused to believe she was sick. There was blood everywhere, and her hand smelled of stomach acid. Salty water flowed down her cheeks every time she was alone. Sleep eluded her as she continued the path down, unraveling and slowly caving in.

She was strong. But not anymore.

The girl finally admitted after 4 years and is now on her road to recovery. The blades are taunting her but she’s strong. They say depression, bulimia and general anxiety disorder are the worst. But they didn’t know that recovery was even more horrible. Recovery is a process, a journey. A difficult one, but not an impossible one. Hang on through and white knuckle through it all. There’s a God who cares for you, and people around you for you. I’m here for you if you ever need me, just shoot me a comment.

The girl found her love for photography and now shares what she sees through the lens with you. It’s a different perspective, and the world makes a little bit more sense when she has her camera next to her. Your invisible scars and flaws are what made you stronger each day.

They’re your battle scars. Wear them proudly.

xoxo, jleornie


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