Kick Back

Taken on the E Quad in UCD when I took a small nap and studied on the lawn.

The clouds are out, and  the winds are blowing and the soft grass under me bends under my weight. It’s pretty beautiful here on the quad lawn, Phillip Phillips’ music “Gone, gone, gone” blasting in my ear. My pants slightly wet from the little droplets of water on the grass – so what? Around me I see students playing Frisbee, a couple snuggling under a tree,  a boy eating his sandwich, a girl waiting for someone while studying, another boy lying comfortably on his back and reading his book, students just chilling on the lawn. What more can you ask for? It’s been a pretty rollercoaster day, but I think overall, it’s been pretty good! And the best part of today will definitely be this moment, lying down, typing out my feelings, eating Cheetos and just observing people under the cloudy skies. I wonder how the rest of you are doing, you guys okay there?

Hope everything is alright ❤

Lots of love,



Piercing Through the Darkness


This was taken on a car ride in the Californian sunset. Yes, i was pretty upset when this was taken, but nothing can't be fixed with a little bit of a smile 🙂

Sometimes, life goes by so quickly, you find yourself in another morning without realising where the previous day went. Take time to slow down. Even if you hate it. Its worth it 🙂

Something New

Something New

I’ve heard about many different theories about why it’s so hard to move on. And hair is a big thing. I don’t know, I decided it was time to get rid of my careful self and just live out there. So I spontaneously decided to just dye a section of my hair red. It felt good to let go and just do what I want I guess??

go out there and just let go! Let go of what ever worries hold you back. Dye your hair, Chalk it maybe? Cut your hair short! or layer your hair! Change your style for a day, maybe you’ll learn to embrace something new!

Hoping that you guys have a great day 🙂